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Burlesque Goddess Class

 ~ with Viva Valezz!

Burlesque Goddess Class with Viva Valezz!
6:30pm - 7:30pm Beginner Level
7:30pm - 8:30pm Intermediate Level
Current Session from 10/11 to 12/6
Drop ins welcome!

Looking for a fun and playful way to spice up your life? Have you heard about this art form and want to see what it's all about? Embrace YOUR inner Burlesque Goddess!  Whether you're thinking of doing it for fun and exercise, or if you hope to one day perform for an audience, Burlesque will help you develop the positive body image and self confidence to do so. In Viva Valezz!’s 10-week course, you will learn classic Burlesque tools of the trade using gloves, boas and other costuming. You’ll learn to use your own brand of feminine charms, subtle facial and body expressions to beguile others, and you’ll learn how to be powerful and bold with hard-hitting percussive Burlesque bumps and grinds. Throughout this 10-week course, you will learn one of Viva!’s favorite choreographies, and learn how to develop your own. For those who are interested, a Burlesque Goddess recital will complete the course, giving you that ultimate experience of performing in front of an audience! No prior dance or stage experience required. The dress code is “sexy comfy,” which includes yoga pants, fishnets, tank tops, and heels. ALL women are welcome, including every body type and presentation. Drop in when you can or join us for the whole 10-week course. Must be 18+, please. 

Register for the whole session by emailing, or drop in on a class any time.